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Tram-laboratory of the Venetian Sandwich

Tram is a Venice-Milan trip.\r\n In the ingredients we looked for the flavors, the aromas and the colors able to capture a memory, an emotion, and to lead us to wonderful places.\r\n Our menu is dedicated to all those who at least once in life have climbed on a tram after work.\r\n And when the fog thickens in the evening, the rails dissolve and the mind begins to travel ...\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n We believe in simplicity and creativity:\r\n When you first discover the Venetian sandwich, with its smiley and overflowing filling shape, you are amazed. In Milan the sandwich "splits", yet no one has ever thought of filling it a little bit more. The same feeling is felt in front of the geniality of a Sicilian granita, a Neapolitan pizza, and other masterpieces of Italian cuisine.\r\n\r\n We believe in authentic flavors and combinations typical of tradition:\r\n The Tram workshop is born not only to pay tribute to the enchanting Venice, the only pearl in the world, but also to fill the smile of the sandwich with the specialties of all our wonderful regions.\r\n\r\n We believe that handmade products are an added value:\r\n In the era of industrialization, craftsmanship has become a luxury that is not always sustainable. We produce mayonnaise and all our sauces, fresh every day, looking for a unique and genuine taste.\r\n\r\n We believe in the seasonality of the products:\r\n The laboratory works to create a special sandwich every month that follows the cycle of nature. Furthermore, TRAM does not use frozen products.\r\n\r\n We believe that customer satisfaction is essential:\r\n We invite you to request variations on the menu and personalized creations for special occasions (meetings, company parties, birthdays, graduations ...). We want the sandwich to always be LIKE LIKE TO YOU!

Via Rogoredo,113 - 20138 Milano, view on map
Tram-laboratory of the Venetian Sandwich


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